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Vistula River Bank


At a scale of 1:2000 this proposal shows how three arterial streets (Wybrzeża Kościuszkowskiego, Dobra and Ludna Streets), which are parallel to the river, are connected to the river bank through the existing perpendicular street network. A string of public squares and bridge pediments connected through a diagonal axis to the river embankment in a logical way draw the public to the views and activities that take place around the Vistula. We have located two strategic locations for above and below ground parking at the edge of the river bank (near the metro station and the Mermaid statue, and south of Boleść street), as well as a line of possible parking along the local road, which is parallel to the Wisłostrada. The provision of parking would allow for more people who are visiting from out-of-town to visit the river bank and to stimulate greater pedestrian and bicycle activity.

Additionally, we have proposed to create the following new public squares - urban loggias open to the Vistula, which would connect the lower-level bridges and shores in a diagonal fashion.

• Mermaid (Syrena) public square near the metro and the Świętokrzyska Bridge;

• An amphitheatre at the extension of the BUW gardens at the intersection with Lipowa Street;

• A public square at the intersection of Nowy Zjazd;

• A public stage (for performances) on the water at the intersection with the Royal Castle, which would be an extension of the royal gardens;

• A loggia at the dead-end of Lipowa Street;

• A new pediment for the Staromiejski Bridge at the intersection of Boleść Street.

The details of the landscape, outdoor flooring, as well as the colors and material utilized is shown on the drawings. We have also shown how the elevation of the lower buildings that pop-up on the panorama of the capital are treated. The proposed buildings have a stand-alone pavilion quality and they are designed in a modern style with glass façades and green roofs.

At a scale of 1:5000 we have proposed the permanent design of the higher part of the river bank. The construction of floating piers adheres to the required guidelines of the competition. We propose that a possibility of including unique housing opportunities be allowed, in order to fill the gap required by the restaurant, office, and gallery uses. This would in turn generate an active 24 hour, urban life that would create a safer public realm along the river.