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Ceramic Cafeteria

Date of realization
52 m2 powierzchnia użytkowa
Design Team:
Czesław Bielecki, Wojciech Protas, Maria Twardowska
Ceramic work: Andrzej i Wojciech Bersz; Pained furniture: Marianna Bauman; Lighting: Akamika Hidetoshi

This "Ceramic Cafeteria" created for the employees of one of Warsaw's office buildings is described as surrealist poetry within an interior space. The evokes a similiar feeling to those of the ghost towns from Giorgio de Chirico's paintings. This effect was created through the use of mosaics. An article in Architektura (February 1996), which describes the project can be found here. A synopsis of the article in English is located at the end of the attached pdf.

Files to download