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Housing Complex at Kilińskiego St. in Łódź

Kilińskiego Development
Date of realization
Currently working on this
12 200 m2 plot's area 23 440 m2 total usable space
Design Team:
Czesław Bielecki, Hubert Roguski, Bartłomiej Martens
Anna Laskowska

A housing complex within the very centre of Łódź, close to Piłsudskiego Avenue, Philips headquarter and Galeria Łódzka mall.

The complex is adjacent to Jezuit's Church and Monastery and composed of street blocks. The very idea of the project is to build traditional urban texture defining streets, passages and squares.The scope of the project reached 30 000 square meters net, and the construction of the first stage will start at the beginning of the 2009. The project refers to Hugh Ferris and Kazimierz Malewicz.