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New Ideas for Warsaw

Date of realization
Design Team:
Czesław Bielecki, Andrzej Pazdej, Hubert Roguski, Dorota Ciesielska oraz Krzysztof Banaszewski

Project for the development of Warsaw's city centre within the downtown ring road, which was designed in 1996. This project utilizes a three-dimensional computer program that creates a complete model through the fusion of various design concepts and winning projects from a range of architectonic competitions in which Czesław Bielecki and the DiM'84 company participated in. The project was presented during the celebrations of the commemoration of the 400 years of Warsaw as the capital of Poland at the Sheraton Hotel on the 22 June 1996 and at the Warsaw Downtown Local Council session on 11 July 1996.

The main premises of the project:

  1. creating proper relations of streets, interchanges, squares, passages and parks to areas full of dense downtown development;

  2. the bonding of left bank and right bank Warsaw with two low level bridges and investing in the development of riversides;

  3. creation of a boulevard alley on the Embankment from Łazienki to the Citadel, tying it with a system of existing parks and incorporating it with attractive public areas;

  4. connecting the new apartment blocks & service complexes with parks. This specially concerns four zones with such big investment: Palace of Culture and Marszałkowska Street; Gdański Railway Station and New Powązki; Nowy Kamionek; Praga Port and Szczecin Riverside.