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Private residence in Bartoszówka

Czesław Bielecki, Maria Twardowska
Date of realization
345 m2 usable space
Design Team:
Czesław Bielecki, Maria Twardowska
Ceramika: Andrzej Bersz, Wojciech Bersz
Stained glass windows:
Tomasz Łączyński
Barbara Zbrożyna, Wiktor Gajda
Czesław Bielecki's family residence in Bartoszówka near Warsaw.

Czesław Bielecki's family residence in Bartoszówka near Warsaw alludes to a traditional Polish borderland watchtower. It is surrounded by an old forrest transformed into an interior garden. The house has two wings linked by a terrace with a roofing supported by a stone arcade. A similar arcade in a sloping eastern wall forms the main entrance to the house. The arcades were built from hand cracked field boulders. The elevations are made of stone and wooden siding and the roof has been covered with aspen shingles.

The interiors of the residence, full of mysterious nooks and crannies, are enabling contact in various spaces and in different directions. They are decorated with William Morris wall-papers, old furniture, stained-glass windows, sculptures, ceramics, graphics and paintings, all executed by Polish artists. The house is surrounded from one side by an English garden, with old linden and maple, and from the other side by an interior garden in a Far Eastern style with small ponds and a mini-landscape. The terrain's topography is delineated by huge erratic boulders.