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Private residence in Stężyca

Jarosław i Maria Ptaszek
Date of realization
800 m2 powierzchni
Czesław Bielecki, Jerzy Złotowski, Jacek Cybis
Project and realization:
Czesław Bielecki, Maria Twardowska, Jerzy Heymer
Stained glass windows:
Tomasz Łączyński
Barbara Zbrożyna, Wiktor Gajda

The idea of the project is a contemporary interpretation of the Palladian model expressed in the stylistics of post-modernistic and art-deco forms. Villa Barbaro in Moser, designed by Andrea Palladio, was the point of departure the Stoclet Palace in Bruxelles designed by Josef Hoffman.

The gist of the idea is the horizontal composition that monumentalises the building, developing the garden on the living room's axis of a 50 m wide façade. In order to avoid a layout that would change the country residence into a palace or a church with a belfry an entrance tympanum was installed decisively breaking the building's symmetry.

The elegant garden was arranged in such a way that the vista from the living room formed an artificial landscape of gentle slopes closing up the oval of the lawn. Trees and shrubs encircling the interior of this garden clearing cut it off from the road.