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Residential Neighborhood in Józefosław

Celtic Asset Management Sp. z o. o.
Date of realization
51 950 m
Design Team:
Czesław Bielecki, Karolina Kurzbauer, Hubert Roguski, Barbara Pietrasik, Andrzej Pajączkowski, Aleksandra Sawicka, Małgorzata Kalinowska

This residential neighborhood project, located in Józefosław, was commissioned by Celtic Property Development, a leading Polish investor and developmer.

The design concept for this neighborhood resulted in a collection of semi-detached houses, row houses, and apartment buildings. The oval-shaped development, as well as the manicured lawn, in the central portion of the plan recalls a classical English tradition of town planning. Contemporary architecture techniques, as well as the use of refined materials and building details, allow for a stylistic imitation of the best of English towns. Additionally, the common, green, open spaces and various ponds bring a picturesque quality to the entire neighborhood.