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River Bank Revitalization Project in Stężyca

Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Stężycy
Date of realization
65 ha inwestycji 1080 m2 powierzchni zabudowy
Design Team:
Czesław Bielecki,Karolina Kurzbauer, Barbara Pietrasik, DorotabPajchel, Hubert Roguski
The goal of this revitalization project, which is located in the picturesque riverbank area of Stężyca, is to create an attractive getaway location that would offer a variety of activities.

All the landscape architecture elements were integrated into the natural landscape. The proposed road, bike lanes, architectural elements, and newly-created landscape were all delicately added along the riverbank. The newly added elements, which are intended to reawaken this area and attract visitors include: a wave-shaped roof covering (which would allow for the organization of sporting events or boat/kayak rentals), two bridges for pedestrians, bicyclists, and horses (54,3 x 36,6 m.), both sand and grass covered beaches, and a hill, which one can slide down. Another important element of this project is the addition of the horse stables, which allow visitors to participate in horseback riding activites provided by local companies.