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The Little Conspirator

Authors: Czesław Bielecki, Jan Krzysztof Kelus and Urszula Sikorska.

"The Little Conspirator" is a collection of works written by people who were free for a short amount of time. If you read the first chapter, you may not have to use the suggestions provided in the next two chapters. Once you familiarize yourself with the second chapter, you will know the legal reasons for why you can not be charged with reading the next chapter. And once you have read the third chapter, you will be perfectly aware of the reasons for why you must be silent about the fact that you even held this book in your hands.

(A fragment from The Little Conspirator, CDN publishers, Warsaw 1983)

Pdf available in Polish only:

http://www.sw.org.pl/mk/mk.pdf -> This copy is the 1983 Warsaw CDN publishers edition.

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