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The Screenwriter

An intriguing tale with a hint of a detective story. It seems as though the plot evolves carefully, such that we don't dissolve into nothingness and gives us a chance to survive! The reader's interest definitely does not diminish when reading Czesław Bielecki's "The Screenwriter."

Marek Nowakowski

At last someone has had the courage to touch upon contemporary political problems in a literary form. It is great that Czesław Bielecki, a famed architect, opposition fighter, politician, and above all a man with a deep, critical mind, has done this from his own perspective.

Ryszard Bugajski

Al did not like communism, thus he conspired against it, he spent time in jail and declared hunger strikes - just as was the case with the author. He liked to build. He liked women. The last woman he knew believed that this could be made into a movie, maybe even in Hollywood. And here is where the story begins.

Hanna Krall