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A project of developing the Gawrońskich Palace at Szucha Alley, which in the course of development can become a counterpart of the London Westminster. The project maximizes the intensity of developing the lot without disturbing the idiom of a city palace with a garden.
A building on a difficult lot of the shape of an elongated triangle situated between two important arteries – Wolska and Kasprzaka – additionally, the middle of the lot is crossed by the city central heating main.
A conceptual project of a villa containing galleries with residential anexes, situated nearby the legendary Bogdan Pniewski realization – a Masons’ loge rebuilt to serve as his home and atelier.
A residential house situated opposite Hala Koszyki with a transition gate connecting Koszykowa and Piękna streets. The facade of the project is a part of the urban collage. In accordance with the canon of traditional urban tissue, it is an independent composition in itself.