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Czesław Bielecki

The key to true success is searching for beauty, for the charm the objects hold. This is the main function of architecture,this is our task as architects. An architect who is not both proud and humble enough to understand the essence of beauty and aspire to create beautiful things, should change his profession. (Czesław Bielecki, Beyond Architecture. In Praise of Eclecticism)

Czesław Bielecki was born in Warsaw in 1948, graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology (1973) and later received a Ph.D. from the Kraków University of Technology (1997). He speaks English, French and Russian and hold licences for architecture, urban and listed buildings design. Mr. Bielecki has gained professional experience in France, Israel and Germany. Additionally, he has been a visiting lecturer on architecture and urban planning in: Warsaw, Berlin, London, Montreal, Washington, Philadelphia, Moscow, Sydney, Jerusalem, Melbourne and others. Winner of numerous design competitions. The first one, while still a student, for the memorial monument of the Polish Home Army‘s Żywiciel unit cemetery.

Author of posters, logos, books, and essays. In 1977 his posters were presented at the Biennale of Dissent in Venice. One of these posters entitled "Cardiogram" is currently on display at the Berlin Wall Checkpoint Charlie Museum. In 1991, DiM '84 represented Poland at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice.

Laureate of numerous awards, including: Puls, POLCUL Foundation, and A. Jurzykowski Foundation awards. Decorated with among others: Guardian of Memorial Sites Golden Medal (2005), and Polonia Restituta Commander's Cross (2006). Author of books on urban planning, architecture, politics and management:

  • The Little Conspirator (with J.K. Kelus and U. Sikorska, 1983), "Mały konspirator"
  • The Little Glasnost' Activist (1988), "Mały Jawniak"
  • The City Game (1966), "Gra w miasto"
  • Plan of Action (1997), Plan akcji"
  • The Head (2003), "Głowa"
  • Beyond Architecture. In Praise of Eclecticism (2005), "Więcej niż architektura. Pochwała eklektyzmu"
  • Vision of Poland (2007), "Wizja Polski"
  • Freedom - do it Yourself (coming soon), "Wolność - zrób to sam"
  • Hobbies include gardening, skiing and windsurfing.